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The County Commission of Lewis County, Tn. rescinds its Sustainable Development/Tranistion Proclamation

Oct. 10, 2012 Staunton, Virginia

On August 25th, 2012 The Tennessee Liberty Alliance sponsored an open public forum regarding Knoxville’s regional plan “PlanET”.  It is a Smart Growth/Sustainable Development plan for east Tennessee.  The three hour fifty five minute video includes a forum with Jeff Welch and Mark Donaldson, speaking for Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission, and Ken Freeman & Don Casey, Chair and Vice-Chairman of the Alliance for Citizens Rights.  
The forum is followed by a presentation by Ken and Don.

August 7th, 2012 the County Commission of Baldwin County, Alabama rescinded the County's Comprehensive Plan. 

“An Introduction to Sustainable Development and Agenda 21” October 6th, 2011

Sustainable Development – A Wrenching Transformation July 12th, 2011 Roanoke, Va. 

Agenda 21 Wetumpka Tea Party - recorded May 23rd, 2011

Sustainable Development - A System of Self-Destruction! - recorded May 2nd, 2011

Video - Dothan, Alabama and the incremental adoption of “Sustainable Development” Sept, 20101

Article - Dothan, Alabama and the incremental adoption of “Sustainable Development” Sept, 2010

Sustainable Freedom V. Sustainable Development Ocala & Brevard County Fla. June & July, 2010

Radio interview with Don Casey 2-6-10 - WTTB 1490 am Indian River County Florida

Don Casey "The Art of Transitioning Society" 62:21  - Oct 31, 2009

Sustainable agriculture, a subject discussed in"The Art of Transitioning Society" is also the subject of a tri-fold brochure.  
Click here to download this informative brochure.

Don Casey's 912 speech Sept 2009 Cullman Tea Party 

Danny Hembree “Flood Damage Ordinance and How It Affects Your Property Rights,” 7:43 uploaded Feb 2009

Danny Hembree “Property Rights – Self-Governance in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama,” 21:03 uploaded Feb 2009

Tuscaloosa County Commission Alabama Plans Bureaucratic Expansion!”, 2:16 uploaded Dec 2008

Marshall County – Work Session – Implementing Globalization through “Limited Self-Governance/Home Rule,” 1:03 uploaded Dec 2008

Don Casey “Globalized Religion has many facets” Dothan, Alabama, 49:12 uploaded Oct 2008

Ken Freeman & Don Casey “Globalization at the local level and Sustainable Development,” Huntsville, Alabama, 54:48
uploaded Sept 2008

Tuscaloosa County Commissioner defends the Globalization process, 12:24 uploaded Aug. 2008


The 2003 video documents residents of Richland County, South Carolina struggle to resist local comprehensive planning in order to protect property rights. Uploaded April, 2009


Danny Hembree Biblical Principles and Property Rights, approx. 42:00 uploaded April, 2009


“Alabaster, Alabama 2003 land grab for Wal-Mart – The Untold Story,” approx. 25:00 uploaded March, 2009


“Property Rights Abuse and the Evergreen Baptist Church” approx. 10:00 uploaded March, 2009


Alabama State Senator Lowell Barron in four parts, each approx 10:00


Moss Dalrymple - Veteran of three wars, captured four times – A Must See – How he suffered from property rights abuse – in two parts


Moss Dalrymple’s memorial in two parts


South Carolina State Representative tells how comprehensive planning robs you of your property rights, approx. 3:00


The Ongoing Saga of Evergreen Baptist Church and Eminent Domain, 9:58


When is Church and State Separate?  9:55


Another case of property rights abuse in Alabama - Jean Tresch, 8:19


A radio interview with Don Casey recorded summer 2007

A skirmish in the ongoing battle to retain private property rights in Alabama

“2009 Meets 1984 – Don’t Worry Be Happy?” - uploaded May, 09